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Resource support of the specialty 124 System analysis

Resource data

for the organization of the educational process

for educational programs System Analysis,

System analysis and management

specialties 124 System analysis

The Department of Applied Mathematics prepares applicants for educational programs:

– Systems analysis, the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education;

– Systems analysis and management, the second (bachelor’s) level of higher education;

– Systems analysis, the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education

within the framework of specialty 124 System analysis.

To train applicants for educational programs, System Analysis System Analysis and Management, the department uses university audiences, audiences of general education departments and auditoriums on the squares of which it is located.

The department has the following classrooms for conducting classes:

– aud. № 26А-z “Educational and scientific multimedia laboratory of the Department of Applied Mathematics”, intended for lectures and practical classes in all disciplines of curricula for educational programs Applied mathematics at all levels of higher education;

– aud. No. 27-z “Educational Information and Analytical Center of the Department of Applied Mathematics”, designed for lectures, practical and laboratory work for applicants for the second (master’s) level of higher education, consultations, defense of coursework and certification papers.

Applicants can use classroom number 27-z for independent work.

All the above audiences of the department have passports, which are reviewed and approved annually.

To provide applicants with information resources:

– the department has a complete set of methodological support in electronic form, which is stored on the server of the department and is available for each applicant in the auditorium. 27-z;

– provided access to the internal information network of the university, which allows the use of located in the scientific library of the University of KNME on the disciplines of curricula for educational programs System analysis System analysis and management;

– the scientific library of KNURE has access to online databases, the services of which can be used by any applicant for higher education and university employee, for example, the legal database “League: Law”; electronic versions of textbooks published by TSUL – “Center for Educational Literature”; electronic magazines: “Information protection. INSIDE “; “Information Security”; online journals on the scientific library eLIBRARY.

Classrooms No. 26a-z and No. 27-z of the Department of Applied Mathematics are equipped with all the necessary modern equipment, including multimedia, for the implementation of educational programs according to which applicants are trained, namely:

– aud. No. 26a:

1) interactive board IP Board T80B (IR) -WD – 1 unit;

2) multimedia projector Epson EB-X04 – 1 unit;

– aud. No. 27-z:

1) computers of configuration No. 4 Intel Core – 10 units. for 10 workplaces;

2) HP LaserJet 1020 printer – 1 unit;

3) office equipment MFUNR – 1 unit;

4) TOSIBA TLP-X100 projector with a screen – 1 pc.

The computer park of the Department of Applied Mathematics is 27 units. All computers have a modern element base, as well as one that is freely available on the Internet.

The amount of equipment and software is sufficient to carry out a full cycle of training for applicants for educational programs System analysis System analysis and management.

If necessary, the department uses the computer rooms of the information and computing center of the university with the necessary software, lecture halls, laboratories and computer classes of the Synergy Science Park, and also draws up applications for the purchase of equipment, software and materials necessary for further support of the educational process.

Qualitative training of applicants for educational programs System analysis System analysis and management are carried out by the teachers of the department, including:

– 5 doctors of sciences, professors;

– 1 Doctor of Science, Associate Professor, as a professor;

– 3 candidates of sciences, associate professors in the position of professors;

– 4 candidates of sciences, associate professors;

– 2 candidates of science as an associate professor;

– 3 senior lecturers without a degree.

All of them have qualifications corresponding to the specialty 124 System Analysis, which is used to train applicants, conduct scientific activities, manage the scientific work of applicants who have sufficient work experience and timely undergo advanced training or internship.

To improve the quality of education for the preparation of applicants, the Department of Applied Mathematics attracts leading specialists and practitioners in the production of:

– Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems named after A.M. Podgorny NAS of Ukraine (IPMASH NASU), Kharkov.

– NIP Institute of Gas Transport, Kharkov.


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