Кафедра прикладної математики


Educational and scientific laboratory

Educational and scientific multimedia laboratory of the Department of PM

The educational and scientific multimedia laboratory operates in the auditorium of the 26th building “C”.

The head of the laboratory is А. Tevyashev Head of the Department of PM, prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Employees of the department working in the laboratory: Tevyashev A., Lytvyn O., Kirichenko L., Naumeyko I., Sidorov M., Husarova I., Gybkina N., Matviіenko Olga, Stadnikova Hanna.


The main directions of work

Course design;
Diploma design;
Undergraduate practice of masters;
Defense of course and diploma projects;
Meetings of scientific seminars and schools;
Research work (development of projects for competitions of scientific works of students).


Connection with the educational process

(connection with educational programs, specialties, involvement of applicants for higher education, student science)

The results of research work are used in the educational process in the preparation of bachelors and masters in educational programs “Applied Mathematics”, “Systems Analysis”, “Systems Analysis and Management” specialties “113 Applied Mathematics”, “124 Systems Analysis”.


Major scientific achievements

The Department of Applied Mathematics is the initiator and main organizer of the annual International Scientific and Technical Conferences “Information Systems and Technologies”. The chairman of the conference is the rector of KNURE, Professor VV Semenets, the chairman (co-chairman) of the Organizing Committee is Professor AD Tevyashev, the deputy chairman of the Organizing Committee – Associate Professor VG Kobzev. Proceedings of the conferences can be found in the archive at the link: istconf.nure.ua.
Students take part in the International Youth Forum.

Annually, staff and students publish at least 100 scientific papers in the form of abstracts, articles, etc.


Scientific events that take place on the basis of the laboratory

Seminar “Chaos, fractals, wavelets” (Prof. Department of PM, Kirichenko LO).

Seminar “Mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of non-stationary modes of transport and distribution of target products” (Prof. Department of PM, Ph.D. Gusarova IG).

School “School of the Olympic Reserve in Mathematics” (Prof. Department of PM, Ph.D. Sidorov MV).

Seminar “Models of catastrophes in ergatic systems” (Associate Professor of PM, Ph.D. Naumeiko IV).

Campaigning work with entrants and popularization of science in the framework of the event “Night of Science”.